PErfECT “Photogrammetry, gEnetics, Ecology for red coral ConservaTion”


PErfECT activities generated a large amount of results, which significantly increased our knowledge regarding the red coral and associated biodiversity rich community. Because the project is based on photogrammetric methods, we generated hundreds of images to reconstruct, through cutting edge computational methods, 3D models of red coral colonies, populations and associated habitats. These 3D models have a powerful attractiveness for dissemination activities because they give the opportunity to the public to explore the underwater realm in unprecedented details. These materials delivered by PErfECT were included in presentations and events to raise public awareness for the conservation of red coral in particular, and of the rich Mediterranean biodiversity, in general. Finally, a special attention was paid to deliver this information towards managers of marine protected areas, environmental administrations and non-governmental agencies involved in the conservation of red coral.