PErfECT “Photogrammetry, gEnetics, Ecology for red coral ConservaTion”


PErfECT project is developing a new multidisciplinary approach focusing on latest innovations in underwater photogrammetry involving ecology and population genetics of the Mediterranean red coral Corallium rubrum. The final goal is to help the conservation efforts of this emblematic Mediterranean species


Within PErfECT project we will address two complementary goals: 

1) Identification of conservation objectives for red coral populations; 

2) Characterization of the functioning of populations and their implications for restoration. 

First goal: establish baselines for red coral populations through the acquisition of novel data on the biometric parameters (e.g. height, base diameter, number of branches) on large sized colonies (> 10 cm in height). These data will be complemented by the characterization of demographic and genetic structure of remarkable populations found in the two study marine protected areas selected for the PErfECT project: Réserve Naturelle de Scandola (Corsica, France) and Parc Natural Montgrí, Illes Medes I Baix Ter (Catalonia, Spain). 

Second goal: we will characterize the spatial distribution of breeding units within red coral populations. For this, we will combine cartographic and population genetic approaches to define the position of each colony and the kinship between settlements within the each studied populations.